School Uniform

The school uniform is compulsory for all students attending the school.
The purpose of having uniform is manifold. It is intended to inculcate in the student the spirit and feeling of belonging to the school. It also infuses in students the spirit of unity and harmony but above all the sense of equality among them.
The students who do not come to school in uniform will be sent back at the risk of parents/guardians and are also likely to be punished for default.

Light blue shirts Light blue shirts
Dark gray pants/trousers Dark gray skirts
Gray socks Gray socks
Black shoes Black shoes
Hand-kerchief Hand-kerchief
School belt and Tai School belt and Tie

During winter a gray pull-over or cardigan is part of the uniform. Blue coat is compulsory in winter.


Students will wear white pants/skirts and white shirts, white socks and shoes, and school belt and Tie


  White pants/skirts, House T-Shirts, white socks and shoes.