Manager Desk

Indeed it is with great joy and hope, with full of vigor and new resolutions, we begin this new academic session of 2015-16. The academic year 2014-15 was an year of excellent achievements and exciting results. I wholeheartedly appreciate the teachers and students for their excellence and hard work. I appreciate the parents and well-wishers of our institution for their co-operation and wholehearted support to move forward , towards a higher, better and glittering future.

Dear Students, Let the academic year 2015-16 be a stepping stone for a bright future of each of you. A new beginning is always a step forward. How often have we heard students say regretfully: “I have been very careless in my studies and I have wasted my time.”! Sometimes the senior students say to themselves: “I had a wonderful chance to come up in my life, I did not use it. If I had used the opportunities, I would have been a very different person now. But it is too late now.” These experiences should remind us of one thing: We can make our Life meaningless if we miss the point. Life once wasted would never return.

I would also like to inform you that this year we introduce the smart classes. We attempt to adapt the fruits of global and technological progress into the class room by setting aside the traditional mode of teachings and by introducing the digital class rooms. I hope that the digital class room will enhance our academic excellence.

Dear students, let us begin this academic year with a new resolution – to make use of the wonderful chance given and not to waste the time.

May Our Good Lord bless us, Our Heavenly Mother Mary protect us and Our Patron St. Xavier inspire us!